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 I got this idea for a Sesshoumaru x Kagome Doujinshi but since i don’t know when i’m gonna draw it, i’ll just post these embarrassing scribbles.

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inucest sketch numba one for inubbaby

; 3 nice sketch

btw some of my favorite inucest fanfictions got updated yeah 


Does anyone else read this?

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If i draw stuff like this, eyes and close ups it always goes pretty well but when want to draw bodies and anatomy i never know how to. Guess that’s because i never drew it and because of that i never really learned it. I was ashamed, i didn’t want to upload unproportional things but you can’t learn if you don’t draw and make mistakes.

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Hey, do you like it when i copy stuff like this btw? I can do more if you want : D But i’ll have to do it better then, like clean some things up xD nobody wants daubery like this xD

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i feel so sad right now i want to draw crying people